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home defense san diegoThe Warfighter Academy meticulously designed the Home Defense Package for those who want to learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones inside of their own home from unwanted intruders. This course is designed to help prepare one’s technique and mindset when it comes to personal protection. There is always more than one option. Expert instructors will teach you what to do in many different situations and give you the confidence it takes to keep yourself safe.

Home Defense 1

Starting from the basics, students will learn the first step in defending themselves and their family/home. The course will run through a few hours of basic operations, teaching the students the shooting platform, weapons transitions, and barricade manipulation. You will then learn the legalities of defending yourself in your home. The course will finish by starting instruction on J-hooks and clearing deep corners.

Home Defense 2

This course will start with a review on the fundamentals, J-hooks and deep corners to get the students in the proper mindset. We will then start on maneuvering through rooms, learning how to tactically make entry once the threats are clear. We will teach how to read freeways, incorporating strategic thinking so you can safely and effectively move throughout your home and address whatever threat is inside.

Home Defense 3

Here is where the fun really begins. Once you have learned all the proper skill sets, you need to take into consideration when most of these incidents would happen…at night. Now we take all of these skills you have learned and adjust the light settings, giving you the opportunity to put the skills in action with low light and no light. We will finish the course by helping you make a plan of action on what the best options would be for you personally in your home. You then have the option to invite the staff to your place of residence and see how you can put these techniques to use with the environment you are used to.

  • Each home defense class will run for $350 a person which will include 6 hours of training and 400 rounds of ammunition.  The class will run for 6 hours straight, so bring food and beverages to eat and drink throughout the evolution.
  • To sign up for a course, please call 951-796-9825

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