Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) Corp has provided first rate maintenance services to our U.S. Marine partners in I Marine Expeditionary Force for over 3 years. We offer a professional maintenance support for complex and critical mechanical component rebuild, electronics and optical equipment repair, calibration service, supply-chain management and operations, and equipment readiness analysis.

At TGS we pride ourselves in fully integrated and collaborative maintenance services, at the ground level. We ensure that our uniformed forces training, and lethality are not compromised by equipment readiness issues. We work alongside our uniformed forces and add value to them every day.

Our programs focus on three main objectives. 1) We AUGMENT YOUR WORKFORCE, with technical experts that work tirelessly when your force is training. 2) We PROVIDE CONTINUITY, in an environment of fast turnover and deployment of personnel in their most technically complex departments.

3) We PROVIDE MENTORSHIP to our uniformed forces because our time and patience today, develops the technically proficient Marines of tomorrow.

TGS adds true value to all the organizations and personnel we serve alongside every day. We focus on equipment readiness, successful repair rates and time to repair. Our pursuit of excellence has resulted in great success in increased quality of repairs, Marines trained, and equipment readiness.


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