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Tactical Global Solutions Corp (TGS) business consulting services includes a step-by-step guide that enables us to identify where you are now and work with you on getting you to the place you need to be.  Our professional relationships in the tactical gear industry and with our military, law enforcement and first responders customers allows us to open doors and introduce new capabilities and products.  TGS is an expert in assisting you in achieving your business goals and objectives.  Our business consulting services take into consideration where you are at now, the vision you have for the growth, the customer culture, and the most important of them all, the relationship bridge you need with the customers.  For information, please contact us at:


Tactical Global Solutions is proud to offer the following consulting services.

  • Business Development – specializing in businesses serving the military, first responders (Police, EMT, Fire Dept.), weaponry, defense, and tactical gear.
  • Product Development – specializing in the testing, feasibility, scale, and logistics for products in the tactical gear, weapon, and home/work defense industries.

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