TGS Customizable Security Surveillance System

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TGS Customizable Security Surveillance System

Part number: TGS-USMC-TOSSS

Item: Tactical Off-Grid Security Surveillance (TOSS) System

Description: TGS provides specialized solutions to safely monitor and protect all your military and emergency response assets. The TOSS System is a U.S.-made, tough, reliable, and energy efficient outdoor video surveillance and network communication system. The field-ready system includes a combination of cameras, sensors, recorders, data storage, batteries, and solar panels; and provides self-powered, real-time wireless connectivity to multiple, remote monitoring stations. Suitable for nearly any environment, the specialized solution gives military, municipal, and national homeland security agencies access to the tools and information needed to effectively observe, secure, protect, and support multiple defense and security missions. Systems also include assembly/installation, training, and warranty/service support.


Custom Communication and Video Surveillance Systems include:


  • 4K Network Video Recorders
  • 10 TB Hard Drives
  • PTZ Network Cameras
  • IR Dome Network Cameras
  • Eyemax Junction Box/Pole Mounts
  • 8 Channel Switch
  • Mobile Network
  • Rockets
  • Nano Stations
  • 24 Channel Switch
  • 12 Volt Lithium Battery
  • Mobile Network Solar Chargers
  • 250W Solar Panels
  • Battery Boxes
  • Solar Invertor
  • Pole Extensions
  • System Design
  • Installation, Training, and Warranty Support


For information and pricing please call TGS at: 951-796-9825 or e-mail us at:

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