Tactical Global Solutions is a Service-Disabled Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business.

Here to Help You Complete Your Mission.


In today’s frenetic and dynamic environment, opportunities and threats can present themselves at a rapid pace. Identifying requirements is tough enough, and the solutions to problems are even more difficult. Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) Corp can provide the answers that you are looking for.

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Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) Corp is a premier services provider to our military and law enforcement clients. We provide a full range of services, from tactical equipment provisioning to logistics management. TGS fulfills the requirements of our government clients daily and will for you too. 

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Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) Corp has provided first rate maintenance services to our U.S. Marine partners in I Marine Expeditionary Force for over 3 years. We offer a professional maintenance support for complex and critical mechanical component rebuild, electronics and optical equipment repair, calibration service, supply-chain management and operations, and equipment readiness analysis.

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Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) Corp is a Safety First organization. Our dedicated team of professionals have decades of experience in safety protocol, mitigations, and in practice. Our commitment to hazard identification and improvement, have ensured a safe working environment for our working professionals, and those that we serve alongside.

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TGS is proud to provide our customers with the best equipment available in today’s market. Our products range from communications, maintenance, medical, night vision, safety, shelters, security and surveillance for our military, law enforcement, first responders, federal agencies, and our fellow citizens.

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Tactical Global Solutions (TGS) is a Service-Disabled, Veteran and Minority Owned, Small Business. We offer a wide range of services to military organizations, first responders, federal agencies and our citizens. TGS provides multiple procurement options, fair pricing, and the commitment of making your requirements our priority.

TGS’ mission is to provide focused timely solutions with value cost by supporting the men and women of our military, first responders, federal agencies and our citizens. We do this with the most prestigious gear options in today’s fast moving industry. We hold a high standard of accountability for all requirements our customers bring to TGS, and we commit ourselves to making each one of those requirements our number one priority.

TGS’ Vision is to provide our customers with the attention to detail and commitment to all requirements that are presented to us by making them our personal priority.

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