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The Warfighter Academy opened its doors this year to civilians, law enforcement, and military, offering state-of-the-art training in developing and maintaining perishable skills. Members enjoy a 32,000 square foot facility that provides adaptable training scenarios to drill and hone skills. The Warfighter Academy provides safe, high adrenaline, instructional training that has been developed and implemented overseas and in America successfully over the last forty years. The Warfighter Academy is run by highly experienced combat veterans who utilize their unique backgrounds for exceptional training. They offer specialized courses that supplements military and law enforcement training in perishable skills such as force-on-force, room clearing and low light tactics which must be repeated regularly to maintain a high standard of proficiency. They also provide focused home defense and real-life scenarios for civilians using various training layouts of home residences, business offices, and school classrooms with aggressors. Come visit us today!


Our highly skilled training is virtually limitless. With 4 levels of memberships and newly released individual classes, our clients are able to come into our facility up to 7 days a week for classes that run for 90 minutes. No matter what your skill level or background is with marksmanship or tactical training, everyone who comes to us starts at the lowest level of training. Outside of monthly memberships and individual classes, we are branching out and offering our material to a wider range of people. Whether you want to learn how to properly gunfight, defend your home and family, or react to a myriad of dangerous situations, the skills we offer will get the job done. We tailor our training to each and every group that comes in. Our elite instructors have been trained and tested in the harshest conditions, and are passionate about their work. Now is the time for you to start preparing! Train like your life depends on it.


The Warfighter Academy was born to fill a long neglected purpose. We have taken prior service combat veterans and have given them a new mission to direct their energies towards responsible civilians, law enforcement, and military who could benefit from their years of experience and training. The Warfighter Academy is a force on force training facility located in San Diego County. We implement a unique learning approach for our members, providing video readiness assessments during which we film and evaluate your performance instantly, and develop a strategy for improvement. Training in a live fire environment, our members engage with specialized Paintball rifles provided upon arrival. This ensures accurate training and high adrenaline scenarios, with total confidence that every paintball fired is non-lethal. Come visit us today!

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