Quickhit™ allows the user to quickly and easily align their eye with the optic axis of the scope and near instantly reduce the cone of fire. This model is designed specifically for the Trijicon ACOG®. It was designed to improve marksmanship, improve training by getting the shooters on target quicker, and subsequently progressing to more advance marksmanship at a quicker pace and with less rounds expended.

The image is non-obscuring and does not hide features within the field of view of the scope as can be seen in the following image with the 600 yard bullseye target readily identifiable thru the visual ring at 8:00.

The Quickhit™ scope cover slides over the rear of the scope eyepiece and butts against the rear objective lens of the ACOG. The Quickhit™ assembly is self-centering on the eyepiece and is designed to remain in place. It provides a level of protection to the rear lens by minimizing scratching and optic damage when in use. It can be easily removed for cleaning of the Quickhit™ window or the rear eyepiece of the scope. When not in use the flip up cover can be closed for ultimate protection.

Increase Accuracy of the Rifle through Reduced Cone of Fire by ready identification of cheek weld problems. Eliminate the need for extensive and time consuming head movements to identify the extent of scope shadow and subsequent identification of optical axis for accurate fire at extended ranges.

Mitigation of problems associated with incorrect fore and aft placement of RCOs.

Rapid Acquisition of the Target and aiming solution, rapidly employ accurate fire and follow on shots.

Increase the efficiency of Training with fewer Rounds expended, receive better DOPE from rounds that are fired.

Reduce optic damage by using a replaceable rear scope cover that is designed to stay on the scope at all times. Unlike scope coats that must be removed before use and provide no protection when removed from RCOs.

Minimize the amount of training time necessary for proficiency with the weapon system and accumulation of DOPE.

Increase the maximum effective range of the weapon system and operator by reduction of the cone of fire.

Cost effective optic protection with easily replaceable components (in the field and without Armorer’s assistance).

Very simple to use and deploy rapidly.

Scratch resistant and anti reflect coated for clarity.

Can be utilized immediately on zeroed or unzeroed scopes with quick and minimal adjustment.

Be advice: “Patent Pending”


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