Magnum 6 Pack Shooting Range Handgun Case



All of our CaseCruzer products can take all the smashings that inevitably result from traveling and all the unapologetic drops from its users. But our new GunCruzer Magnum Range 6 Pack Case would certainly grab the attention of Dirty Harry; it would not only fit his trusted Smith & Wesson Model 29 but defy logic and hide an X-Frame revolver such as the Model 500 Smith & Wesson, a large-framed semi-automatic such as the Desert Eagle along with full-sized autoloader handguns. The GunCruzer takes it all in stride, what a trooper. Transport up to 6 BIG handguns (barrels from 4 inches up to 8.50 inches) and accessories. Removable slot allows for storage of 6 magazines. Does not include desiccant.


Outside Dimensions:
21.75″ L x 17.75″ W x 11.49″ H
Empty Weight: 20 Lbs.
Carry-on No – Check-in only
Safety feature Lockable
Wheels Yes
Pullout handle Yes
Color Black
Warranty Lifetime


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