Hawk Hidden Gun Safe Model 47




The Fast Box: Model 47 mounts under a bed or in a closet for fast access to your home defense firearm. SecereIt’s 47” long gun safe is designed to store ammo, a handgun and small gear right along with your rifle or shotgun.  Depth of safe accommodates any firearm with optic attached so you never have to re-zero. Use several Fast Boxes in key locations for locked yet accessible gun storage.


  • designed for fast access to a locked firearm up to 46.5″ in length
  • pre-drilled holes for bolting to floor for additional security
  • may bolt together for stacked or locker style storage, dimples aid stability
  • large size offers ample room for additional handgun and ammo storage
  • 13″ depth allows storage with scope and magazine attached to rifle
  • neoprene pad cushions weapon
  • Vertical Kit (sold separately) retrofits safe to store two firearms for fast access

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Standard or Vertical

Standard, Vertical


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